897 Hampstead Court, Barrington, Illinois 60010

Memberships and Publications


  • American Nuclear Society
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineer (1980 – 2017) Elected ASME Fellow 2013
  • Western Society of Engineers – President 2008
  • NFPA Code 110 – Emergency Power Systems Committee Member (1996 – 2013)


  • ASME PVP 2013; Paper and presentation, ASME Codes Support Small Modular Reactor Development
    and Use – Unique Designs Require a Robust Code
  • Electric Power 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013; Nuclear Track Chair and Session Organizer for New
    Nuclear Generation, May 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.
  • ASME PVP 2008; New Nuclear Generation Technology Update, Panel Chair and Organizer, July 2008
  • Electric Power 2007, New Nuclear Generation Expert Panel, Panel Chair
    and organizer. May 2007
  • “Cost-Based Assessment of Decommissioning Alternatives and Financial Strategies”,
    Co-Author with D. Williams, USGAO and Dr. J. Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, WM’05 Conference,
    February 2005.
  • “Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Optimization Through Repowering”, American Power Conference,
    April 1996
  • “Changes in Cooling Water Characteristics Result in Corrosion at Coal-Fired Power Plant,” Electric
    Power Research Institute (EPRI) Service Water System Workshop, April 1992
  • “Lake Erie and Lake Michigan Zebra Mussel Settlement Monitoring and Implications for Chlorination
    Treatment,” American Power Conference, April 1992
  • “Report on Zebra Mussel Monitoring and Mitigation Programs,” Sargent & Lundy General Engineering
    Conference, Chicago, Illinois, March 1992
  • “Initial Results of 1991 Veliger Settlement Monitoring Program with Implications for Timed Chlorination
    Treatment,” EPRI Zebra Mussel Control Technology Conference, October 1991
  • “Zebra Mussel Control Strategies,” American Power Conference, April 1991
  • “Design Features to Mitigate Fish, Zebra Mussel, and Other Macrofouling Plant Components,” EPRI
    International Symposium on Macrofouling, December 1990